Farrah: Fananat al Raks al Masri, The Egyptian Dance Artists

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Farrah has an extensive repertoire covering a range of vibrant Egyptian folkloric and classical dance styles.

Each tradition has its own unique costume and feel, ensuring that audiences are treated to a rich variety of flavours. We can tailor a colourful performance for your function, show or fundraising event, ranging from fifteen minutes to an hour, and using from three to a dozen performers. The show can include tableaus that tell a story; moods from lighthearted to passionate; styles from casual to elegant.

As a group, Farrah has extensive performance experience. Several of our members are also successful solo dance performers in their own right. But what sets Farrah apart is our love for the dance and for portraying each style in its own unique way. The enjoyment that the performers feel is always evident to our audiences: one of the comments we receive most often is how much fun we seem to be having on stage!

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Upcoming Performances

"LETTERS FROM EGYPT" - our 10th anniversary show
Three sisters, three destinies - come on a journey with us from the Egyptian countryside to the bustling streets of Cairo. One show only Sunday 24 Novemebr 2013 at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta.

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Past performances

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