Experience the passion and drama of Egyptian dance with Farrah: Fananat al Raks al Masri (the Egyptian Dance Artists).

Farrah is Sydney’s only Egyptian folkloric dance troupe. Established in 2003, our workshops and performances bring a rich tradition to life. Ranging from earthy balady to striking saiidi and classic choreographies from the golden years of Egyptian cinema. Our unique combination of authentic costumes and in-country experience will connect you to a living dance form.

The word Farrah is Arabic for “bringing joy”. Farrah is a non-profit association run by a committee of elected volunteer members for the purpose of promoting Middle Eastern dance and culture, multiculturalism and understanding; and increasing positive energy and joy in the community.

Farrah welcomes new talent, whether you’ve got Egyptian dance in your blood or just have a thirst to learn more. Membership is open to all dancers (from Beyond Beginner level and up), regardless of experience or background – so long as you share the desire to enrich your knowledge and understanding of the dance!

Farrah runs monthly workshops and rehearses for upcoming performances at Amera’s Palace in Marrickville. Farrah members also promote Egyptian dance in the community through writing articles and sponsoring or supporting Egyptian dance events. Please contact us for more information.



Farrah’s theatre production, Letters from Egypt in 2013, told an emotional story while showcasing many styles from our Egyptian dance repertoire. Our 10th Anniversary show is available for purchase on DVD. Please contact us to order your copy.